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Residential Light Fixtures

By replacing the five most frequently used lights in your home with ENERGY STAR qualified lighting, you can save about $60 each year in energy costs. Lighting fixtures that have earned the ENERGY STAR combine high performance, attractive design, and highest levels of energy efficiency, so they save energy, save money on utility bills and help protect the environment. 

Earning the ENERGY STAR 

  • ENERGY STAR fixtures must last 10,000 – 20,000 hours. This means, with regular use (i.e., 3.5 hours per day), you won’t need to change the bulb for at least seven years.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures distribute the light more efficiently and evenly than standard fixtures.
  • ENERGY STAR fixtures can now be found at most home centers, lighting showrooms, and specialty stores. Look for qualified fixtures for the following applications: torchieres, under and over cabinets in the kitchen, ceiling-mounted, wall sconces, suspended fixtures and outdoor lighting, including motion sensor fixtures.
  • Halogen torchieres have been responsible for dozens of fires nationally, some with tragic consequences. During use, the temperature of a halogen torchiere bulb can reach 1000F, while an ENERGY STAR torchiere uses technology that operates at lower temperatures. What’s the Difference?
  • All ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures carry a 2 year warranty – double the industry standard.

Remember, saving energy prevents pollution. ENERGY STAR qualified lighting uses about 66% less energy than standard lighting. When you save energy, you not only save money on utility bills, but you also protect our environment. For other tips, visit our interactive buyers guide or download our two-page Lighting Brochure.

Fixtures Guide

With the ENERGY STAR Fixtures Guide, you can:

  • view photos of decorative ENERGY STAR fixtures in actual room settings
  • discover the benefits of ENERGY STAR lighting
  • learn about lighting quality, lumen equivalence, color temperature, color rendering, and the lack of flicker/hum/ or buzz with ENERGY STAR lighting
  • locate stores that sell ENERGY STAR lighting

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