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Commercial Solid Door Refrigerators & Freezers 

ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators require about half as much energy as models manufactured before 1993. ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators provide energy savings without sacrificing the features you want.

Earning the ENERGY STAR

  • ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator models use high efficiency compressors, improved insulation, and more precise temperature and defrost mechanisms to improve energy efficiency.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator models use at least 15% less energy than required by current federal standards and 40% less energy than the conventional models sold in 2001.
  • Many ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator models include automatic ice-maker and through-the-door ice dispensers. Qualified models are also available with top, bottom, and side-by-side freezers.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified freezer models use at least 10% less energy than required by current federal standards. Qualified freezer models are available in three configurations:
    • upright freezers with automatic defrost
    • upright freezers with manual defrost
    • chest freezers
  • Chest freezers are only available with manual defrost.
  • ENERGY STAR compact refrigerators and freezers use at least 20% less energy than required by current federal standards. Compacts are models with volumes less than 7.75 cubic feet. 

Remember, saving energy prevents pollution. Refrigerators are the single biggest energy consumer in most households. Replacing a refrigerator bought in 1990 with a new ENERGY STAR qualified model would save enough energy to light the average household for more than four and a half months.

Commercial Solid Door Refrigerators and Freezers Product List

List Current as of April 27, 2004

Continental RefrigeratorDL2FCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic50.4750.4783.3211.4652132.0835.590.17R-404A13.75
Continental RefrigeratorDL2FECommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic55.9655.9683.3211.4657144.7835.590.17R-404A14.1
Continental RefrigeratorDL3FCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic74.0674.0683.3211.4678198.1235.590.17R-404A28.64
Continental RefrigeratorDL3RFCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic757583.3211.4685.5217.1735.590.17R-404A30.64
Hoshizaki America, Inc.FH1-AACCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic20.8520.8584.5214.6327.569.8533.685.34R-404A8.989
Hoshizaki America, Inc.FH1-SSBCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic20.620.684.5214.6327.569.8533.685.34R-404A8.016
Hoshizaki America, Inc.FH2-AACCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic46.146.184.5214.6355139.733.685.34R-404A13.719
Hoshizaki America, Inc.FH2-AAC- HDCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic46.146.184.5214.6355139.733.685.34R-404A17.89
Hoshizaki America, Inc.FH2-SSBCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic45.0545.0584.5214.6355139.733.685.34R-404A15.887
Hoshizaki America, Inc.FH2-SSB- HDCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic45.0545.0584.5214.6355139.733.685.34R-404A17.36
McCall RefrigerationTwo-Sec Frez1- Commercial 1045FA, 1- Freezer 1045FL, 1-
1045FC, 1-1045FALC
Reach-in CabinetAutomatic48.548.584.5214.6355139.734.888.39R-404A18.42
McCall RefrigerationTwo-Sec FrezKF-2, KF- Commercial 2A, KF-2L, Freezer KF-2C, KF-
Reach-in CabinetAutomatic48.548.584.5214.6355139.734.888.39R-404A18.42
McCall RefrigerationTwo-Sec Frez.1-1045FCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic48.548.584.5214.6355139.734.888.39R-404A18.42
McCall RefrigerationTwo-Sec Frez.2-2045F, 2-2045FA, 2-2045FL, 2-2045FC, 2- 2045FALCCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic48.548.584.5214.6355139.734.888.39R-404A18.42
McCall RefrigerationTwo-Sec Frez.4-4045F, 4-4045FA, 4-4045FL, 4-4045FC, 4- 4045FALCCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic48.548.584.5214.6355139.734.888.39R-404A18.42
McCall Refrigeration1-1024UFCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic28.528.584.5214.6333.384.4634.8188.42R-404A10.92
McCall Refrigeration1- 1024UFCCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic28.528.584.5214.6333.384.4634.8188.42R-404A10.92
McCall Refrigeration1- 1024UFLCommercial FreezerReach-in CabinetAutomatic28.528.584.5214.6333.384.4634.8188.42R-404A10.92
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