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Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines

ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerated beverage vending machines can save building and business owners 1,300 kWh/year, or $90 annually on utility bills. 

Earning the ENERGY STAR means products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

  • Refrigerated beverage vending machines that have earned the ENERGY STAR are 35% more energy-efficient than standard new machine models.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified vending machines incorporate more efficient compressors, fan motors, and/or lighting systems to keep beverages cool and the machine visible while using less energy.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified machines also come with a low power mode option that allows the machine to be placed in low-energy lighting and refrigeration states during times of inactivity.

Where can I get one?

Ask your local beverage distributor or supplier about available machine models that meet ENERGY STAR.

Remember, saving energy prevents pollution. By choosing a vending machine that meets ENERGY STAR, you are helping prevent global warming and promote cleaner air without sacrificing the product quality and performance you expect. To maximize your savings, ask your distributor or supplier to program the low power mode so that you can save energy when the machine isn’t being used. 

Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machine Qualified Model List

List Current as of July 26, 2004

Company NameModel NameModel NumberDoor TypeMachine Use DesignationVendible CapacityEnergy Efficiency (kWh/day)* Date Model Available for Purchase
Indoor Machines       
Dixie-Narco, Inc.Baby GFVDN3000VGlass FrontIndoor only2705.406/1/04
Dixie-Narco, Inc.GFVDN5000VGlass FrontIndoor only4055.406/1/04
Dixie-Narco, Inc.Beverage MaxDN5500VGlass FrontIndoor only4056.406/1/04
Dixie-Narco, Inc.Baby BeverageMax DN3500VGlass FrontIndoor only2705.306/1/04
Outdoor Machines       
Dixie-Narco, Inc.E-SeriesDN276E-HVClosed FrontIndoor/Outdoor3366.207/1/04
Dixie-Narco, Inc.E-SeriesDN501E-HVClosed FrontIndoor/Outdoor4716.567/1/04
Dixie-Narco, Inc.E-SeriesDN501EVClosed FrontIndoor/Outdoor4714.906/1/04
Dixie-Narco, Inc.E-SeriesDN600E-HVClosed FrontIndoor/Outdoor5616.497/1/04
Dixie-Narco, Inc.P-SeriesDN552Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor5527.173/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.72 W M4 DisplayRV DVE 650-10DisplayIndoor/Outdoor6506.704/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.CC TDV 79 W LSRVCC 780-9Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor7808.393/1/02
Royal Vendors, Inc.CC TDV 79 W MKTRVCCR 780-12 or 13Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor7808.393/1/02
Royal Vendors, Inc.Cold Drink 72 N M4RVCDE 542-8Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor5427.294/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.Cold Drink 72 W M4RVCDE 650-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor6507.794/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.Cold Drink 79 W M4RVCDE 768-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor7687.894/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.Cold Drink TDV 72 WRVCDE 654-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor6548.004/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.Cold Drink TDV 79 WRVCDE 780-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor7808.394/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.DP 72 W M4RVDPE 650-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor6507.794/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.DP 72N M4RVDPE 542-8Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor5427.294/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.DP 79 W M4RVDPE 768-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor7687.894/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.DP TDV 72 WRVDPE 650-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor6548.004/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.DP TDV 79 WRVDPE 780-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor7808.394/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.GIII 72 N LSRVCC 550-7Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor5507.253/1/02
Royal Vendors, Inc.GIII 72 W LSRVCC 660-9Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor6607.273/1/02
Royal Vendors, Inc.GIII 72N MKTRVCC R550-9Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor5507.253/1/02
Royal Vendors, Inc.GIII 72W MKTRVCCR 600-12 or 13Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor6607.273/1/02
Royal Vendors, Inc.GIII-79 W LSRVCC 804-9Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor8047.523/1/02
Royal Vendors, Inc.GIII-79 W MKTRVCC R804-12 or 13Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor8047.523/1/02
Royal Vendors, Inc.P2 Magnum 72N M4RVMCE 542-8Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor5427.294/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.PC HVV 72 W M4RVHV 650-12Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor6507.794/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.PC HVV 79 W M4RVHV 768-12Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor7687.894/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.PC HVV 79 W TDVRVHV 780-12Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor7808.394/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.PC HVV TDV 72 WRVHV 654-12Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor6548.004/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.PC Magnum 72 W M4RVMCE 650-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor6507.794/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.PC Magnum 79 W M4RVMCE 768-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor7687.894/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.PC Magnum TDV 72 WRVMCE 654-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor6548.004/1/04
Royal Vendors, Inc.PC Magnum TDV 79 WRVMCE 780-10Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor7807.894/1/04
The Vendo CompanyPepsi HVV576Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor5767.604/1/03
The Vendo CompanyPepsi HVV621Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor5446.8011/1/03
The Vendo CompanyPepsi HVV720Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor7208.004/1/03
The Vendo CompanyPepsi HVV721Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor6807.103/1/03
The Vendo CompanyPepsi HVV821Closed FrontIndoor/Outdoor8007.5012/1/03
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