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Exit Signs

Exit Signs If all U.S. companies switched to ENERGY STAR qualified exit signs, they would save $75 million.

Earning the ENERGY STAR

Exit signs that have earned the ENERGY STAR operate on five watts or less per sign, compared to standard signs, which use as much as 40 watts per sign.

When installed throughout a building, qualified exit signs can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs. One sign alone can save about $10 annually on electricity costs and can last up to 10 years without a lamp replacement, compared to less than one year for an incandescent.
Signs that have earned the ENERGY STAR are tested for visibility factors, and come with a five-year manufacturer warranty.

Remember, saving energy prevents pollution.

There are more than 100 million exit signs in use throughout the U.S. Typically lit by incandescent bulbs, these signs consume 30-35 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) hours of energy each year.million in electricity costs. 

Exit Signs Information Resources

Information Source: ENERGY STAR qualified product listing 

Information Source: National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP) Specifier Report: Exit Signs (January 1994, revised November 1994) and Supplements (March 1995 and March 1998) 

How to Access: Print only; available from the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. 

Abstracts of Specifier Reports and more information about NLPIP are available on-line at: 

Individual (1-9) copies of Specifier Reports (including any Supplements) can be ordered for $30 each; 10-99 copies are $15 each. Supplements can also be purchased individually for $4 each. 

NLPIP also offers two subscription options (both include a subscription to the newsletter Lighting Answers): 

$380: Includes a complete set of all published Specifier Reports and Supplements, plus a two-year subscription to all future NLPIP publications

$200: Two-year subscription to all future NLPIP publications 

Lighting Research Center
(518) 276-8716
(518) 276-2999 (fax)
Email: [email protected] 

A complete set of published Specifier Reports and Supplements, a subscription to Lighting Answers, and a subscription to the quarterly newsletter Lighting Futures are available on the Web at 

You may receive these materials for free if you participate in certain EPA or DOE programs. Check the Web to learn how to obtain the reports. 

Scope: Covers both energy-efficient exit signs and energy-efficient exit sign retrofit kits. Tables of model specific data in original Specifier Report and two Supplements cover seven types of products, totalling over 100 products from among more than 30 manufacturers: 

  • LED (including regular LED light source, Edge-lit, and Direct-View LED) 
  • Compact fluorescent 
  • Incandescent 
  • Electroluminescent
  • Radioluminescent 

Includes manufacturer-supplied product information and results of NLPIP’s evaluations of the products’ photometric properties, power characteristics, readability, and visibility in smoke. Listing order is alphabetical by manufacturer. 

Original Data Source: Product data supplied by manufacturers; performance data obtained through testing by NLPIP. 

Update Frequency: Supplements published in March 1995 and March 1998. These are published irregularly according to need and subject to the availability of funding. - No relation with, ENERGY STAR®, the Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), or the US government. | About