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Commercial Fryers

Commercial Fryers Fryers that have earned the ENERGY STAR are up to 25% more energy-efficient than standard models. 
Earning the ENERGY STAR
ENERGY STAR qualified fryers include both gas and electric open-deep fat models. Fryers that earn the ENERGY STAR must meet a minimum cooking efficiency* of 50% (gas) and 80% (electric) while also meeting a maximum idle energy rate of 9,000 Btu/hr (gas) and 1,000 watts (electric). Energy-efficient fryers that have earned the ENERGY STAR offer shorter cook times and higher production rates through advanced burner and heat exchanger designs. Frypot insulation reduces standby losses resulting in a lower idle energy rate. Where can I get one? Contact the manufacturers directly or speak with your food equipment supplier. What can ENERGY STAR qualified fryers save me? Each ENERGY STAR qualified gas fryer can save businesses 28 MBtu annually, or average of $185/year on utility bills. Each ENERGY STAR qualified electric fryer can save 879 kWh annually, or an average of $60/year on utility bills.  * Under heavy-load conditions
Company NameBrand NameModel NameModel NumberFryer Size (Inches)Fuel TypeCooking Energy Efficiency (%)Idle Energy RateDate Available
Frymaster L.L.C.FrymasterMJH50MJH5014×15Gas506400 Currently Available
Frymaster L.L.C.Frymaster41441414×15.5Electric81 967Currently Available
Frymaster L.L.C.FrymasterH17TCH17TC14×15.5Electric84 740Currently Available
Keating of Chicago, Inc.KeatingIFM 14IFM 1414×14Gas57.44700 Currently Available
Pitco FrialatorPitcoMGIIMGII14Gas548510 Apr-02
Pitco FrialatorPitcoSGH50SGH5014Gas548510 Sep-02
Pitco FrialatorPitcoSEH50SEH5014Electric82.1 930May-03
Pitco FrialatorPitcoPitcoMEII14Electric82.1 930Sep-03
Ultrafryer Systems, Inc.Ultrafryer SystemsPAR3-14PAR3-1414Gas64.74180 Sep-99 - No relation with, ENERGY STAR®, the Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), or the US government. | About