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Whether gas or oil, ENERGY STAR qualified boilers use about 10% less energy than a standard boil

Earning the ENERGY STAR means products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

  • ENERGY STAR qualified boilers have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 85% or greater.
  • They achieve greater efficiency with improved features, including:
    • electric ignition, which eliminates the need to have the pilot light burning all the time
    • new combustion technologies that extract more heat from the same amount of fuel
    • sealed combustion that uses outside air to fuel the burner, reducing draft and improving safety

Remember, saving energy prevents pollution.
By choosing ENERGY STAR and taking steps to optimize the performance of your heating equipment, you are helping to prevent global warming and promoting cleaner air while enhancing the comfort of your home.

You may also be interested to know:

  • Though these products can be more expensive to purchase up front, the cost difference will be paid back over time through lower energy bills.
  • When buying new equipment, sizing and installation are as important as product quality. See our recommendations for finding a good contractor.
  • You can get better heating and cooling performance at home with ENERGY STAR home sealing (insulation and air sealing) and duct sealing.
  • Consider regular maintenance to maintain your heating and cooling system performance.

Boilers Information Resources

Residential vs. Non-Residential Boilers 

Residential: models with energy input less than 300,000 Btuh, and that use a single-phase electric supply. Minimum efficiency levels for this equipment are established by the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). The energy-efficiency metric for residential models is: Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). 

Non-residential: models with energy input equal to or greater than 300,000 Btuh that use a single-phase electric supply, and all models that require a three-phase electric supply. Minimum efficiency levels for this equipment are established by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct). The energy-efficiency metric for non-residential models is: Thermal Efficiency (TE). 

Information Source: List of ENERGY STAR qualified boilers. 

Information Source: California Energy Commission database file 

How to Access: Downloadable via an on-line bulletin board service by dialing (916) 654-4069. 

A “Read Me” file describes all of the information available and gives instructions for downloading and use of the database files, including file decompression procedures. The fields in each database are described in a separate text file. Three-letter codes for Manufacturer names and Brand names, for all product types together, are listed in alphabetical order in two separate text files containing approximately 1,500 names and codes. 

To make a special request for a printed list, contact:
Appliance Certification Program
California Energy Commission
(916) 654-5106
(916) 654-4304 (fax) Email: [email protected] 

Scope: File includes both residential and non-residential-type models, and contains data on over 2,000 residential-type models from more than 25 manufacturers (available in DBF, comma-delimited, or ASCII format). 

Includes steam and hot water boilers for space heating, and boilers that can be used for either space heating or to heat domestic hot water. 

Includes boilers ranging in input from 30,000  85,000,000 Btuh. 

Includes natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electric, and combination-fired boilers. (Oil-fired boilers are not required to be certified to the Commission but data may be submitted voluntarily by manufacturers.) 


Two lists cover both types of gas boilers:

  • 88 hot water models from 10 manufacturers with Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiencies (AFUE) > 83.0 %; Capacities from 43,000  139,000 Btuh.
  • 41 steam models from among 10 brands with Thermal Efficiencies >= 81.0 %; Capacities from 81,000  173,000 Btuh.

Two lists cover both types of oil boilers:

  • 94 hot water models from among 20 brands with AFUEs >= 86.0 %; Capacities from 62,000  147,000 Btuh.
  • 31 steam models from among 11 manufacturers with AFUEs >= 86.0 %; Capacities from 78,000  151,000 Btuh.

Models are grouped by size (capacity), and listed in order of descending AFUE. 

Original Data Source: Derived from Consumer’s Directory of Certified Efficiency Ratings for Residential Heating and Water Heating Equipment, Gas Appliance Manufacturer’s Association, Arlington, VA, October 1997 April 1998 edition. 

Update Frequency: Annually 


Brand NameModel NameFuel TypeBoiler TypeModel Number
Axeman-Anderson Co.Axeman-Anderson Boilers   NPO Series: 74NPO, 87NPO, 108NPO, 128NPO; 74NPO-U, 87NPO-U, 108NPO-U, 128NPO-U
Axeman-Anderson Co.Axeman-Anderson Boilers   Olympia I Series: Models OL-91, OL-119, GL-91
Axeman-Anderson Co.Axeman-Anderson Boilers   PO-2 Series: Model 74POD-2, 87POD-2 (Damper, Light Oil)
Axeman-Anderson Co.Axeman-Anderson Boilers   Vesta Series: PVT models 105B, 119B, 119H-189H
BaxiLuna Wall Hung BoilerGas  Luna 131 FI
BaxiLuna Wall Hung BoilerGas  Luna 310 Fi
Buderus Hydronic SystemsGas BoilersGasWater G124x/DI/18, /25, /32
Buderus Hydronic SystemsGas BoilersGasWater GA124/17, /23, 30
Buderus Hydronic SystemsGas BoilersOilWater G115/21, /28, /34
Buderus Hydronic SystemsGas BoilersOilWater G215/3, /4, /5, /6 models
BurnhamLE, LEDV SeriesOilWater LE-1, LEDV-1
BurnhamRevolutionGasWater RV3, RV4, RV5, RV6, RV7
BurnhamV8OilWater V83-7
Bryant Heating & Cooling SystemsBW4/BW5 Series Oil-Fired BoilersOilWater BW4/5 Series – Input sizes -91, -105, -126, -168
Bryant Heating & Cooling SystemsPlus Series BoilersGasWater All BW9 models (50,75,100)
CarrierBW4/BW5 Series Oil-Fired BoilersOilWater BW4/5 Series – Input sizes -91, -105, -126, -168
CarrierWeatherMaker BoilersGasWater All BW9 models (50,75,100)
Columbia BoilerLV and LVD Series Water LV 75, LVD 75, LV 125
Columbia BoilerSolaia Series Water SL375
Columbia BoilerSolaia Series Water SL4100
Columbia BoilerSolaia Series Water SL5125
Columbia BoilerSolaia Series Water SL6150
Columbia BoilerWB Series Water WB 125
Conematic Heating Systems Inc.Hydronic Boiler & Demand Water HeaterNatural GasWater CM-1
Conematic Heating Systems Inc.Hydronic Boiler Radiant UnitNatural GasWater CM-RU
Crown Boiler Co.FreeportOilWater CT-3, CT-4, CT-5, CT-6, CT-7
Crown Boiler Co.TobagoOilWater TW2-065, TW2-075, TW2-090, TW2-120
Dunkirk BoilersEV SeriesGasWater DPFG-3T, 4T, 5T, 6T, 8T
Dunkirk BoilersEV SeriesOilWater All models ending in UDES or DES
Dunkirk BoilersEV SeriesOilWater DFPO-3T, 4T, 5T, 6T, 8T
Dunkirk BoilersEmpire SeriesOilWater 3EW.65T, 3EW.75T, 3EW.65Z, 3EW.75Z
Dunkirk BoilersEmpire SeriesOilWater 4EW.90T, 4EW.90Z
Dunkirk BoilersEmpire SeriesOilWater 4EW1.25T, 4EW1.50T, 4EW1.25Z, 4EW1.50Z
Dunkirk BoilersEmpire SeriesOilWater 5EW1.20T, 5EW1.20Z
Dunkirk BoilersQuantum 90 SeriesGasWater Q-90-50, -75, 100
Dunkirk BoilersQuantum 90-200GasWater Q90 -125, 150, 175, 200
Dunkirk BoilersQuantum Leap (QL) SeriesGasWater QL-100
UltimateUltimate ProductsGasWater PFG-3T, 4T, 5T, 6T, 8T
UltimateUltimate ProductsOilWater PFO-3,4,5,7,9 and PF03T, 4T, 5T, 6T, 8T
Utica BoilersUB90-200GasWater UB90-125, 150, 175, 200
Energy KineticsSystem 2000GasWater EK-1, EK-1-DV, EK-2, EK-2-DV
Energy KineticsSystem 2000OilWater EK-1, EK-1-DV, EK-2, EK-2-DV
Energy KineticsSystem 2000PropaneWater EK-1, EK-1-DV, EK-2, EK-2-DV
GlowcoreWater BoilerGasWater GBA1
Heat Transfer Products, Inc.Gas Fired Condensing BoilerGasWater Munchkin 399M
Heat Transfer Products, Inc.Gas Fired Condensing BoilerGasWater Munchkin T50M
Heat Transfer Products, Inc.Gas Fired Condensing BoilerGasWater Munchkin T80M
Heat Transfer Products, Inc.Gas Fired Condensing BoilerGas  Munchkin 140M
Heat Transfer Products, Inc.Gas Fired Condensing Boiler   Munchkin 199M
Heat Transfer Products, Inc.Gas Fired Condensing Boiler   Munchkin 80M
Hydrotherm BoilersPulse   AM-100, AM-150, AM-300
Hydrotherm BoilersSabre Series   FX-70, FX-105, FX-140, FX-175, FX-200
Smith Cast Iron Boilers8 Series   8W/S3 – 8W/S6, 8W/S3T – 8W/S-6T
Smith Cast Iron BoilersLexington Series   GS110-3 through GS110-7
Monitor Products, Inc.Fully Condensing BoilersOilWater FCX fully condensing boiler
Monitor Products, Inc.MZ-Wall Hung Condensing BoilerGasWater MZ 40C, MZ 25S, MZ 25C
NTITrinityGasSteam T-150, T-200
NTITrinityGasSteam T150C, T200C
New Yorker Boiler CoFR WGSOilWater FR WGS
New Yorker Boiler CoFR WGS IIOilWater FR WGS II
New Yorker Boiler CoFR-122-WOilWater FR-122-W
New Yorker Boiler CoFR-147-WOilWater FR-147-W
New Yorker Boiler CoFR-173-WOilWater FR-173-W
New Yorker Boiler CoFR-205-WOilWater FR-205-W
New Yorker Boiler CoFR-232-WOilWater FR-232-W
New Yorker Boiler CoFR-98-WOilWater FR-98-W
PeerlessGas Fired BoilerGasWater Pinnacle – PI-80, PI-140, PI-199
PeerlessGas Fired BoilerGasWater Series PDE-03, Series PDE-04, Series PDE-05
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilSteam Series EC/ECT-03- .75 gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilSteam Series EC/ECT-04- 1.25 gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilSteam Series EC/ECT-05- 1.75 gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series EC/ECT-03- .75 gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series EC/ECT-03- 1.00 gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series EC/ECT-04- 1.25 gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series EC/ECT-04- 1.50 gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series EC/ECT-05- 1.75 gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series EC/ECT-05- 2.00 gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series WBV-03-.60 gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series WBV-04-.95 gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series WV-DV-03 WPC-.75gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series WV-DV-03 WPCT-.75gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series WV-DV-03-WPC-.85gph
PeerlessOil Fired BoilerOilWater Series WV-DV-03-WPCT-.85gph
QuietsideQVM-9GasWater QVM9-090/125/150
QuietsideQVM8-OLOilWater QVM8-085/120/150 OL
Slant/Fin CorporationConcept 21   CB-45, CB-90, CB-135, CB-180
Slant/Fin CorporationLiberty   L-30H, L-40H, L-50H
Slant/Fin CorporationProdigy 21 Boilers   KCS-50, KCS-100
Slant/Fin CorporationVictoryGasWater VSPH-120
Slant/Fin CorporationVictoryGasWater VSPH-150
Slant/Fin CorporationVictoryGasWater VSPH-180
Slant/Fin CorporationVictoryGasWater VSPH-60
Slant/Fin CorporationVictoryGasWater VSPH-90
Slant/Fin CorporationXL-2000   XL-20, XL-30, XL-40, XL-50
Columbia Boiler CompanyWB SeriesOilWater WB 90
Columbia Boiler CompanyWB SeriesOilWater WB 90 DV
Thermo-Dynamics Boiler CompanyCWL Series Water CWL-85, CWL-85 DV
Thermo-Dynamics Boiler CompanyHT SeriesOilWater HT 90
Thermo-Dynamics Boiler CompanyHT SeriesOilWater HT 90 DV
Thermo-Dynamics Boiler CompanyHT Series Water HT-125
Thermo-Dynamics Boiler CompanyHT Series Water HT-165
Thermo-Dynamics Boiler CompanyHT Series Water HT-175
Thermo-Dynamics Boiler CompanyLM Series Water LM-75 and LM-125
Thermo-Dynamics Boiler CompanyLMD Series Water LMD-75
Thermo-Dynamics Boiler CompanyLV and LVD Series Water LV 75, LVD 75, LV 125
Thermo-Dynamics Boiler CompanyWB Series Water WB 125
Triangle TubeDelta PerformanceGasWater PG PL05-25, 30, 35, 40, 45
Utica BoilersBC-SeriesOilWater BC-3D, BC-4D
Utica BoilersStar Fire III SeriesOilWater SFH 365W, 4100W, 5125W, 6150W
Utica BoilersUSC-SeriesGasWater USC-3, 4, 5
ViessmannVitodens 200OilWater WB26-24 through WB215-60
ViessmannVitogas 100GasWater GS1-22 through GS1-60
ViessmannVitola 200OilWater VB2-18 through VB2-63
ViessmannVitorond 200OilWater VR2-18 through VR2-63
Waterpik9600CBGasWater CB-175
Waterpik9600CBGasWater CB-200
Waterpik9600CBGasWater CB-250
WaterpikEnduranceGasWater E(B)(D)(N)(P) – 110
WaterpikEnduranceGasWater E(B)(D)(N)(P) – 175
WaterpikHorizonOilWater HC145
WaterpikHorizonOilWater HC175
WaterpikHorizonOilWater HC205
WaterpikMaxOilWater (D)Max 100
WaterpikMaxOilWater (D)Max 120
WaterpikMaxOilWater (D)Max 140
WaterpikMaxOilWater (D)Max 165
WaterpikMaxOilWater (D)Max 75
WaterpikMini ThermGasWater CB-150
WaterpikMini ThermGasWater JVS050PD
WaterpikMini ThermGasWater JVS075PD
WaterpikMini ThermGasWater JVS100PD
WaterpikSummitGasWater SMB – 200/250
Weil-McLainGold Gas BoilersGasWater Model GV 3-6
Weil-McLainGold Oil BoilersOilWater Model WGO-2 through GO-7, WTGO-3 through WTGO-7
Weil-McLainWall-Mounted High-Efficiency Gas BoilersGasWater Model AHE-45 and AHE-60 - No relation with, ENERGY STAR®, the Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), or the US government. | About